How can I purchase Stoneheavy products?

I currently sell only "factory direct" through Reverb. I used to host my own backend, however selling through Reverb reduces my costs, and I can offer customers a better price this way. I don't trust any stores to carry my equipment on my behalf.

Who's your favorite guitar player? 

That's an insane question. But, as far as players today that I can go see play, I'm a huge Phil Sayce fan, I think he's carrying the torch. He plays with an incredible authenticity and raw emotion that simply cannot be capture on a record. I am always front row at his shows.

How did you get into making equipment?

I spent a good chunk of my life pursuing a career in producing recordings, especially rock music. I also love to perform. Without the shackles of a formal electrical education, I found myself capable of understanding how the electric guitar worked more and more over time. I build tools for myself, and friends. This includes studio equipment and guitar wiring schemes found nowhere else. I converted a Les Paul to be able to switch pickups with a midi switching system, with no modifications to the guitar save for a few wires moved around. I have built custom passive mixers for super clean integration of lots of synthesizers in a studio. Acoustic and electric tones on one guitar? Yep, before Fender did it. Unless something unforeseen happens, this is a hobby for me which gives me the liberty to make the best gear I can for anyone that's interested, and not having to answer to executives, profit/loss charts, Internet trolls or social media oligarchs. Like minded people in other words.

Is it true that the water is the secret to New York Pizza?

In the same way string gauge is the secret to SRV's tone... no. There's lots of crappy Pizza in New York, the secret is actual Italian dudes that learn the craft, they can do it in Toronto, Texarkana, Colorado Springs, it's a skill for feeling out temperature, texture, proportion.