Decade Pedal

The Decade Pedal

Achieve single-coil clarity with a humbucker, or get growl from a single coil for a p90 flavor. I call this a “pickup response tripler”. This first-of-its-kind pedal employs a passive circuit and point-to-point wiring to achieve a perfectly natural altering of the frequency response of your guitar’s passive pickups. It has two modes; 60’s mode will dial back thickness and restore sparkle and clarity. It excels at achieving significantly improved clean tones on a humbucker, and provides vintage low wind vibes across the board. 70’s mode shapes the tone to emphasize mids and shave off treble, which is great for thickening and smoothing out single coils on high gain, and also can really tighten up humbuckers. Having two options means you can triple the tone options of your guitar!

I originally designed this as a studio tool, opening up a breadth of new possibilities to be able to quickly dial in tones that fit the track I’m working on, while maintaining a true guitar to amp connection. Since this is passive, your guitar and amp are truly united as if plugged straight in, high impedance and all. I spent months finding the “sweet spot” that works on any guitar so there are no adjustments, simply plug in and go.

Technical Notes:

  • The pedal must be directly connected to your guitar
  • This pedal is passive and therefore only works with passive pickups
  • The led’s require a 9vdc external power supply
    • Current draw 20mA