Codename D

Coming soon….

The industry’s first point-to-point tube preamp in a “pedal” format that captures the genuine sound of a cranked amplifier at any volume. All you need is a clean channel. Don’t take my word for it, it screams for itself. 100% analog, painstakingly hand-built and developed over several years of fine tuning by ear. Since designing this, I’ve sold most of my amplifiers; it sounds and feels just right. I can’t wait for you to have one as the heart and soul of your rig.

Built using the best parts I could source, this preamp will fit comfortably on a pedal board. It features two identical channels each with three modes of drive, from the subtlest transformer breakup you hear on “Little Wing” and the crunch of “Back In Black”, to the vocal moan of SRV “The Sky is Crying” and highly aggressive “Welcome To The Jungle” boosted British sounds. Inspired by the most classic American and English made amplifiers, I spent over a year voicing this for authenticity. Compromise was not an option; I was designing this for myself to utilize as a portable studio and touring preamp, not to take to market with loads of hyperbole. The goal as such was to be able to plug it into any clean channel and achieve amazing tone. Not good tone, amazing tone. I actually never thought I’d accomplish this, but the inspiration chose my two hands as the tool and I heeded the call. Each resistor and capacitor was selected for sound and feel. There is no textbook here, I started with a blank page and designed this circuit from scratch. It’s unconventional, and after all, parting with convention is the basis of rock and roll.

  • High current, voltage regulated power supply, so the pedal will always have the precise voltage for its circuit and uses a robust industrial Texas Instruments chip for this that runs cool
  • “Sweet spot EQ” No more digging for that tasty range, I found it for you already, then focused the EQ into just that range, so there is never a bad sounding eq position even with the knobs fully cranked in any direction.
  • JJ ECC83S tube was selected for excellent tone and low noise. Trust me, I tried them all.
  • Two identical and fully independent channels
  • 3 modes per channel, for classic, modern, and boosted modern
  • Color coded channels match LED’s for easy visibility
  • Relay switching, with TRS plug so preamp can be turned on/off and change channels remotely (deactivates footswtiches)
  • 100% analog, no modeling or IC’s used, only mosfet and tube, no diode clipping like in pedals, this is true pure tube distortion.